MMD introduced a new and very useful service for its clients. We call it Legal Sanity Check.

Together with clients, we want to check the quality of their internal documentation, establish points which are not aligned with the applicable legislation and propose solutions for solving the crucial points.

Our idea is to act in advance and prevent any adverse effect that clients may suffer as consequence of poor quality of legal documentation (prevention of potential law suits, inspections, misdemeanors etc.).

We believe that one of the crucial practice areas to conduct a Legal Sanity Check is labor law.

Specifically, in this practice area, it would encompass all documentation related to employment such as checking the applicable employment agreements (their most important elements which are also checked by the Labor Inspectorate in case of field control), the template documents (for matter of example the proposal to conclude an employment agreement annex, different internal decisions for vacation, maternity leave, change of working hours etc.), internal acts as the employment rulebook, systematization of working positions, etc. (whether they exist, are they updated to comply with applicable legislation).

Beside these labor related issues, our verification also includes some relatively new practice areas, such as evidence on personal data and whistleblowers protection; as these areas are as of recently often controlled by state authorities.

In case a long time passed since you last adjusted your internal legal documentation, or in case the applicable laws have changed since your last check, we consider wise to verify your documentation and align it with the applicable legislation.

For all questions, we are at your disposal.