The French law on anti-corruption, covering especially the field of corporate matters, widely known as Loi Sapin II, was adopted in 2017 and as of recently is in full effect. This law is directly applicable to all French companies, whether they are doing business in France or worldwide, as long as they have more than 500 employees and make more than 100 million EUR in turnover.

In order to assure full compliance with this law, French companies have the obligation to prepare a „compliance“ program, which will examine their corporate practice and internal control procedures in relation to corruption, applicable to the French mother company but also to their related persons abroad.

The basic intention of this law is to (i) bring French legislation to the best European and international standards in the fight against corruption, (ii) repair the bad image of French companies abroad when it comes to corruption and (iii) enable French companies to find a new competitive advantage.

Our law office, in cooperation with the Training Center of the CCIFS (French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce) will hold a training session on the subject : French anti-corruption law Sapin II: decreasing the risk of corruption and avoiding ambiguous situations. It will take place on Wednesday, 29 January 2020.

This training session is for all managers of French companies and employees in those companies who are working in direct contact with clients and local authorities. Also, it can be recommended to all Serbian companies, having in mind that Serbia occupies the 87th position on the Corruption Perception Index List.

When: Wednesday, 29 January, 10:00-12:00h

Where: CCIFS, Svetogorska 7L, Beograd

Working language: Serbian

Applications and questions can be sent to the followign adress: